Library Committee

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Claudia Ochoa
Alma Salinas
Vicky Cantu
Adalia De Luna
Mary ochoa
Rosa Barrera

About the Board
The Library Board studies library services offered to the community. The board advises the City Council on user policies and future plans for improving library services.

The Peñitas Public Library Board is appointed by the City Commissioners, and shall consist of five members. The duties of the Library Board are as follows:

  • Advise the City Council regarding written library user policies.
  • Respond to requests from the library director.
  • Study and provide recommendations to the City Council on the development of library service plans.
  • Encourage the use of the library among residents of the service area.
  • Encourage suggestions and review comments from the public regarding library services.
  • Perform other such functions as the City Council may direct.


  • First Tuesday of the Month
  • At 6:00 PM
  • Library
  • 1111 S. Main St.
  • Peñitas, TX 78576

Requests or questions regarding the Library Board meeting may be directed to Mary Ochoa by telephone 956-583-5656 or in writing to her attention at:

Peñitas Public Library Administrative Office
1111 S. Main St.
Peñitas, TX 78576