Police/Fire Department Application

This is an application for employment with the Penitas Police Department. You may fill out the online application form below, or you may download, complete and submit the application form in person. 

Police Department Job Application.pdf

Firefighter Application.pdf

Volunteer Firefighter Application.pdf

Additional documents may be required for completion of this personal history statement, including the following:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2.  Naturalization Papers (If Applicable)
     NOTE: Federal law prohibits duplication of these documents; however, the Penitas Police Department Personnel Officer does not need to see them.
  3. Driver's License
  4. High School Diploma or GED Certificate
  5. High School Transcript
  6. College Diploma
  7. College Transcripts
  8. Military Discharge (If Applicable)
  9. Selective Service Number (If Applicable)
  10. Certificates of Specialized Training (i.e., Military, Police-Related, etc.)
  11. Copy of Credit History

NOTE: A legible copy of the above documents can be uploaded below or submitted in-person.

This personal history statement must be completed in its entirety, along with any required supporting documentation, to be considered for employment.

City and State
Enter N/A if not applicable
List all addresses where you have lived during the past ten (10) years. Begin with the present address, and list by month and year.
Begin with your present or most recent job, list the three (3) most recent jobs you have held.
(from Month/Year to Month/Year)
(from Month/Year to Month/Year)
(from Month/Year to Month/Year)
Upload a current resume detailing all employment since the age of 16, including part-time, temporary or seasonal employment. Include all periods of unemployment as well.
(From Month/Year to Month/Year)
(From Month/Year to Month/Year)
(From Month/Year to Month/Year)
List other schools attended (trade, vocational, business, etc.) Give name and address of school, dates attended, course of study, certificate, and any other pertinent information)
Include Month/Year, Charge, City & State, Disposition
List five (5) persons who you know well enough to provide sufficient information about you. Do not list any relatives or former employers.
List any past or present organizations that you have been involved in, the type (social, professional, etc.), and the dates of participation: